Profile: War Ancestry

Deadly black metal from Turkey and all female. War Ancestry started in 2008 and changed name in 2010 after which the band was called Ancestry. Two demos were released under the name War Ancestry, the 191919… demo in 2009 with a certain Nur on vocals and the Batle ov the Fierce demo from 2010 with Nazan Korkmaz on vocals and keyboards. Those keyboards weren’t present on the 191919 demo so Nazan brought a little more than only the vocals.

After 2011 it’s get quite around Ancestry, they played live in April 2010 on the Metal Invasion 3 in Turkey and in February of 2011 somewhere in Istanbul but further there isn’t much more to find on the internet although the band is still listed as active.

There also exist pictures of the Battle ov the Fierce demo on cd with band name Ancestry.


Demo 191919 from 2009

Demo Battle ov the Fierce from 2010

Ancestry version of song 191919

Ancestry live 2010

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