Album review

Album review: Noein – After the Ashes

Noein from France have Audrey Berset from Switzerland since 2015 on vocals, she replaced Jenni with whom the band recorded an EP and the debut full-lenght. With the release of a new EP, After the Ashes, Audrey is finally able to put her mark on the industrial groove death metal from Noein.

I did an interview with Audrey in 2016, at that time Noein hadn’t released anything yet with Audrey on vocals so i was curious how it would sound when the two of them combined forces on a record. Or maybe i shouldn’t talk about two forces as Noein is one band.

After the Ashes is also on Spotify so i took my earplugs with me when traveling to work and had planned to listen to it once on that day but ended up spending most of my travel time with Noein. After the Ashes was released in December 2017 and contains 5 songs with a playing time for almost 30 minutes. I travel a lot for work so i had the time to really get to know the EP.


It works out really well, the screaming roaring from Audrey with the groovy hard hitting industrialized death metal has a certain smoothness and a nice steady flow. Right from the start with opener Reborn the EP hits you in the face without becoming annoying or hurtful. Crushing guitars and pounding drums and bass provide a sound that’s heavy but also clear. With the melodies on After the Ashes and the vocals from Audrey it’s a fun listen to Noein and i’m sure that they will be a force for many years to come. Check them out!

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