Classic: Aphrodite

If you ask someone if they know an all-female heavy metal band from Sweden from the last half of the eighties chances are big no one can mention a band unless they are a walking encyclopedia.

Aphrodite came to  life in 1985 when guitarist Flavia Canel and drummer Martina Axén have been together in many acts starting with Punk band LIVIN’ SACRIFICE. As this band musically changed more and more into hardrock the band’s name underwent also a change and became Aphrodite.

A song from Aphrodite called Playing with Fire made in onto a compilation called Sommarrock 85 and this was followed up with the same titled EP in 1986. The EP was a 12″ and was single sided with 5 songs on it. Aphrodite was in 1985 also part of the Swedish Metal Aid which released a 12″ single as lead singer Malin Ekholm did a solo along others like Joey Tempest and Robert Ernlund. Other members from Aphrodite were in the choir on this single.

In 1989 a single, Cartoon Girl, came out and the band’s name changed to Afrodite. The music of this single was more into the direction of mainstream pop and so did the looks of the band. Not everybody was happy with this direction and members started to leave which eventually led to the split-up of Afrodite in 1990.

Bands that followed out of Aphrodite are Rag Doll, SHa Le Lee, Drain and Hysteric

S/T EP from 1986

Cartoon Girl 7″ from 1989

Live in 1987

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