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Album review: Meden Agan – Catharsis

Meden Agan really surprised me, i never heard of them before and found them on Youtube. Off course i would look better if i told you that i knew all three previous albums from Meden Agan before Catharsis was released but no, the truth will set me free!

Meden Agan translates to something like “Nothing in Excess” and the band comes from Greece. Vocalist Dimitra Panariti has been with the band since 2015 and Catharsis is the first album where she can be heard and i must say, she’s doing a goddamn good job. Her voice is powerful and she knows how to reach the high regions without exaggerating on this part. Catharsis feels like Dimitra is supporting the music instead of showcasing what she’s capable of. But do not mistake me here, Dimitra is sound decisive for Meden Agan.

I’ve been listening to the back catalogue of Meden Agan also and although Maya Kampaki did a great job on the 2014 album Lacrima Dei with the vocals, on Catharsis it all sounds just better. It feels more complete and has certainly more power and not only on the vocals. The production of Catharsis and the skills of the musicians are just top notch, i can’t really say anything else. Meden Agan describes themselves as Symphonic/Melodic Metal and everything about that is true but they should add the word power to that description as Catharsis is so powerful. I’m keeping an eye on Meden Agan for sure in the future.

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