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Album review: Jen Majura – InZENity

Jen Majura shall be for some of you a familiar name, since 2015 she’s a guitarist for US rockstars Evanescence and before that she was bass player for German’s Equilibrium and acted as guitarist of Knorkator and Freak Kitchen. And besides all this she recorded albums with Blind Guardian and with Rage (as a guest) so Jen has a whole lot of experience handling the strings.

With InZENity Jen released an album that can be categorized under Hardrock but don’t be afraid of this if you’re only in the extreme side of metal, InZENity is definitely worth your attention cause it gives you 11 songs filled with crazy guitar licks and catchy choruses. The voice of Jen, yes she does also the vocals, reminds me of Sass Jordan sometimes especially in Lied ohne Namen, an acoustic song with a country feel to it. Hardrock heaviness is provided with All the Other Ones, the openings track, where Jeff Waters from Annihilator helped out or on Sick Brain where Alex Skolnick from Testament gave a hand.

InZENity is an versatile album and does not carry the problem most hardrock albums have where every song sounds the same, Jen managed to create a highly energetic, entertaining and sympathetic album which should be an adventure for everybody who’s not afraid to step outside it’s own comfort zone every now and then.

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