Album review

Album review: The SoapGirls – Societys Rejects

a4189938834_10Born in France but now based in South Africa, The SoapGirls released it’s first album when they were fifteen. It was only available in South Africa and i’ve read somewhere it was more pop oriented. But as with everybody, musical horizons broaden and their 2015 released album Call For Rebellion got reviews from critics calling the album raw anarchistic Rock and Roll.

In 2016 a single appeared on the market and in 2017 the second full album Societys Rejects hit the streets and i must agree with the aforementioned critics, it’s definitely raw anarchistic Rock and Roll. But on the other side, it has catchy choruses and melodies that stick immediately in your head. The singing is done by both sisters and that varies from sweet singing till aggressive and meant pain. I tend to think that their music is just as themselves, sweet and pleasant but don’t upset them cause they will crush you.

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