Album review

Album review: NMK – Ravenous Spectre

A couple of days ago Ravenous Spectre was released, the debut full-lenght from Peruvian melodic death metal act NMK. For now it’s only a digital release but in February 2018 a CD will be available from the band. With influences from Carcass, At The Gates and Symphony X my interest was aroused.

With Nathalie Markoch on vocals, clean and growls, the band has a frontwoman with a characteristic voice especially with her clean vocals. Sounding like an heavy metal singer she puts each and every song in a swirl with her voice, sometimes fragile and romantic and at other times epic and devilish. But wait, she knows how to  growl also so we have the demonic gutter side also there. Talking about the swirl, the band goes along with Nathalie and the music goes side by side with her singing, it’s melodic death metal but parts from heavy metal, speed metal and a whole lot of epic melodies can be heard.


Crystal clear production with a nice bass sound and technical skilled musicians make Ravenous Spectre pleasant to listen to.

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