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Album review: Bulletbelt – Nine Centuries

I’m a huge fan of New Zealand’s devilish rockers from Bulletbelt since i heard the Rise of the Banshee album from 2014. The almost insane screaming from frontwoman Jolene Tempest combined with the thrash rhythm’s made my day everyday when i was listening to it.

So i was exited when i heard about the new album coming up, really exited. Bulletbelt is often listed as a black metal band but i’m not sure if that’s correct, yeah for sure the band has common ground with black metal, just remember the old days when all those boundaries were not so sharp and basically every band did just that what they wanted to play and Bulletbelt has the same attitude and that’s also one of the things i like about them. But it’s more a thrash metal band for me than black metal. Or let’s call it just a metal band, that’s enough definition to know it’s loud.


Nine Centuries is the third full-lenght for Bulletbelt and the second album with Jolene on vocals. And now on to the sad part, Bulletbelt and Jolene parted ways before the release of Nine Centuries and former Human front-man Scott Spatcher-Harrison is taking care of fronting the band now. Jolene did record the vocals for Nine Centuries and it sounds great but less insane than on the previous album. In fact, the whole band sounds less insane. Bulletbelt has become more mature i guess and it’s clearly that the members have grown as writers, the songs have head and tail and sound aggressive but not over the top aggressive. The variations in pace make Nine Centuries more complete, making it an album that will stand through time.

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